The lawn without a doubt the desire of the majority to have in their garden. A beautiful and extensive green meadow that dresses and surrounds our entire garden, the jewel in the crown without a doubt.

But before sowing a lawn, several things must be taken into account, such as automatic watering, a well-designed automatic watering is very important so that our lawn can germinate.

On the other hand, you have to have a study of the terrain, the climate, the situation … to determine what mix of seeds to use and then not be surprised. There are countless different grasses and you have to know which ones to use so that your lawn grows healthy and shiny, so at Jardins Balears TSL we study each project, choosing the exact mix for each type of terrain, thus creating the most beautiful lawns on the island. .

If you are interested in having your own lawn, contact us and a senior technician will give you a free visit to assess your options.

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