We have all heard of flowery meadows, meadows with wild flowers, but while in other countries it is already an alternative to grass, the truth is that in the Iberian Peninsula its diffusion is very scarce.

The advantages of wildflower meadows are very obvious. Low or no maintenance which translates into:

1 or 2 cuts a year, no fertilization, very little watering (practically in the facility and very occasionally in case of need), absence of phytosanitary treatments, creation of a natural and ecological environment, where the life of insects and birds proliferates they feed on them.

Green roof that can develop in difficult areas of the garden, such as slopes or slopes, where it is more difficult to have a conventional lawn.

They also have some disadvantage, the meadows with wild flowers, and it is basically that it is a more recreational area for the senses than for its use as a recreation area or games.

At Jardins Balears TSL we are introducing this technique on the island with very good results, both for customers and the environment, auxiliary fauna (pest-eating insects) and large pollinators flock to our garden attracted by flowers.

All our seeds are organic, of the highest quality and chosen for the type of meadow.

This is what we’ve been working on