Our gardens transmit unique sensations and awaken the senses. This is because when we make a garden we think of it as green professionals, but at Jardins Balears TSL we go further, we do more than plant trees and grass. We do designer gardens, not pretentious gardens, but well planned gardens.

We study every inch of your plot to make the garden you have in mind better than you expected. That it is more functional, more sustainable, more beautiful, healthier, that you have less work to take care of it, and that it makes your life and that of yours greener. We get totally involved because we are passionate about what we do.


We carry out the execution of gardens from scratch, with or without prior design. We are also specialists in restoring degraded areas, a more limited but cheaper option.

Qualified and responsible personnel in all positions of the work, continuously directed by a superior technician, to whom you will always have access to solve any doubt or query.

This is what we’ve been working on