Automatic watering

Water, despite being a renewable resource and apparently abundant on the planet, is a scarce good in the Mediterranean region. For this reason, its use for the practice of gardening irrigation must be carried out in the most efficient way possible, avoiding excessive consumption.

Many people are really unaware of the savings in water consumption, and therefore also monetary savings, that can be obtained by installing an automatic irrigation system. These figures can reach up to 40% in the case of installing localized irrigation or drip irrigation and up to 30% in the case of sprinkler or diffusion irrigation.

Our plants will look more beautiful since they will have just the necessary amount of water and the risk of sanitary problems is reduced.

The appearance of weeds will be difficult since we will avoid watering in areas where it is not necessary.

At Jardins Balears TSL we are specialists in professional and efficient irrigation installations.

A technical study of the soil, climate, orientation and irrigation design is carried out. In this way, we manage to distribute the water it needs to each plant species, not one more drop, not one less, saving on our bill, without wasting water and avoiding plant diseases.

We install all kinds of automatic irrigation.

Our superior technician will make a free visit to the place to assess the most optimal options.

All our materials are of quality and we only work with the best professional brands, so that the irrigation has a long useful life.

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