Gardening in Mallorca

We are a professional gardening company in Mallorca, highly qualified, from a technical point of view.

About us

Jardins Balears TSL was born from the need to offer the most demanding customer the best quality with the most competitive prices in the sector.

We are a professional, highly qualified gardening company from a technical point of view.

We work with qualified and experienced personnel in the sector. For us, training is the key to doing a flawless job.

At Jardins Balears TSL we are very aware that we work with vegetables (living beings) and for this reason we highly value knowledge in the field, because the lack of them can generate irreversible problems in our gardens.

Knowing the physiological and water needs of plants and trees is essential to be able to correctly carry out any gardening work in Mallorca.

In this regard, we offer a complete technical service at affordable prices.

The client’s peace of mind will always be assured, as is trust.

We are an expanding company.

Company committed to the environment.


All our designs are exclusive, each garden is studied differently.


All our works have a guarantee, both in materials, all of them 100% professional, as in machinery and in results.


We have a highly qualified (titled) and experienced staff, this makes it a guarantee in itself.


We offer professional services at affordable prices.


Efficient garden and pool maintenance. Titular and professional staff.

Design and creation

Design and creation of professional gardens.

Automatic watering

Creation and repair of all types of automatic irrigation.

Pest control

Professional and effective phytosanitary treatments. Fumigations, endotherapy, palm trees …


Lawn creation, study and selection of specific seeds.

Flowery meadow

The most ecological option without a doubt, more colorful, less maintenance.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with a solution without any obligation.

+34 655 750 083​